To Whom It May Concern:

We highly recommend Thermal Glazing Systems for all your sealed unit manufacturing needs. We have just purchased a new press as our original Thermal Glazing press was very old and was not approved for DuraSeal products.

We have found using the TES system has had a profound effect on our profitability. In our area many glass shops are struggling and some have gone out of business because they were not able to be competitive in the marketplace. The TES system has allowed us to produce a premium unit, manufactured at altitude, without a breather tube.

We also purchased the Instant Bond System which allows us to manufacture and transport units instantly. We have used this competitive advantage to allow us to have a niche in the market, offering same day or night sealed unit replacement. This has allowed us to charge a premium price and enhancing our profitability.

We, unlike most glass shops, do not have to wait weeks for sealed units, and we no longer have to worry about damaged or scratched units. The system has allowed us to get contracts with large hotels, gas stations, property managers and banks because we can offer services that no other glass shop can.

The staff at Thermal Glazing has been a tremendous help, allowing us to increase our production and profitability. Even after our purchase, TES has been very helpful and answered all our questions.

Thanks so much for coming out with the storage dispenser units they have been an instant hit with our staff. They love the fact they no longer have to lug big heavy rolls of spacer tape around.

With best regards,

Dwayne Tuller




SelectBuild Nevada, Inc.
Windows Division
2191 Mendenhall Drive
North Las Vegas, NV 89081

Dear Dave:
About a year ago we purchased a glazing unit oven and air table from Thermal Glazing. When we received the original shipment it was damaged beyond repair by the shipping company. We then called Dave at Thermal Glazing and within 2 days he arrived at our facility in Las Vegas. After reviewing the situation he then placed a rush order with no questions asked. We received our new shipment in about 2 weeks, which was extraordinary considering the circumstances. He then returned to our facility again and helped to set the machine in to place. I highly recommend the services of Dave and his team at Thermal Glazing. They are a top notch group and are focused on customer satisfaction.

I would definitely return as a customer for future purchases.

Many thanks.
Andy Kaiser
General Manager