Ameracan Equipment Heated Roller Pressnew-heated rollerpress

The Thermal Glazing System is a patented, revolutionary technology that allows small to medium sized glass shops to manufacture their own insulated glass in-house rather than buying them from an outside source.  Our system is a “true no hassle system” that spares the expense, mess and need for a large facility.  With TGS Instaglass System, there is no cure time, which means that units can be manufactured faster than your competition on an as needed basis, eliminating unit storage space.

Manufactures I.G. Units up to 7’0 x 10’0

  • Save 50% or more on your sealed unit costs
  • Gain a competitive advantage while improving your customer service
  • Low capital startup cost
  • Increase profit by 100%
  • Niche market
  • Gain the ability to tap into new markets
  • Very clean and easy to use system
  • Variety of air spaces with a simple one handed adjustment
  • Excellent seal between the warm edge spacer and the glass
  • One step application
  • Press heats up quickly and is insulated to help conserve energy
  • Average cycle time to heat and press a sealed unit is 1 minute
  • Approximate shipping weight is 2400 lbs
  • Quick setup for triple pane and stained glass sealed units
  • Grids and muntin bars are easily inserted
  • Improved energy conservation
  • Improved thermal ratings
  • Reduced space requirements