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Welcome to Thermal Glazing Systems

The Thermal Glazing System is a patented, revolutionary glass technology that allows small to medium sized glass shops and window manufacturers to manufacture their own insulated glass in-house rather than buying them from an outside source.  Our system is a “true no hassle system” that spares the expense, mess and need for a large facility.  With Thermal Glazing Systems, there is no spacer stabilization time, which means that glass units can be manufactured faster than your competition on an as needed basis, eliminating unit storage space.

In today’s society consumers are demanding better service and increased quality. Since 9-11 many consumers and businesses have an increased concern for security. Most of these people are willing to pay more for a quality sealed unit installed the same day.

Our system is a very simple process

  • Cut two pieces of glass the same size
  • Clean glass by hand (special process) or machine
  • Apply spacer onto glass using air/vacuum table
  • Press for approximately 1 minute (based on size)
  • Insert Instaglass tube and set machine (average unit 2 minutes)
  • Close the corner and your unit is ready to install

You then have a insulated unit that can be immediately transported and installed.

Other Important and Valuable Features:

  • Save 50% or more on sealed units costs
  • Make sealed units in a few minutes
  • No mess, burn risk of hot melt, and polyurethane purge waste
  • Uses a warm edge spacer
  • No need to buy expensive desiccant equipment or store desiccant as it is already built into a one-piece spacer
  • If used properly, this system can attain a .01% failure rate
  • Can instantly change spacer size
  • Any questions please call 303-669-9108

  • Superior argon retention
  • Reduced heat flow, condensation, and moisture infiltration
  • Can manufacture triple pane units and stained glass units
  • One step application
  • Superior quality at half the cost
  • Fast and easy to use